Great marketing finds hungry clients

I have been a student of advertising and marketing starting when I was a kid in pajamas. My brother and I made up our versions of Saturday morning commercials and we laughed and laughed at our results. We would sit at the breakfast table and make up our cereal commercials with “Frosty Flakes” for winter or WEAKIES flakes for wimps. I also had a talented cousin who could create hilarious advertising on the fly.

In high school, my hero was Joe Sugarman, not just because his company had the most gadgets, but because of his success resulting from always being honest. People responded to his style of marketing that revealed both the good and the bad side of the products he sold.

If you wonder how he’s doing now, his life is still full of contrasts, flying from his estate in Hawaii to business in Vegas regularly. Nevada can dry you out, but Hawaii has no shortage of moisture. Joe also wrote Success Forces which was my first read on success. Now that is a book that should have a grade school version. Kindergarten even. I’m going to write Joe on that idea. Joe also wrote Triggers about what motivates people to take action. Because it’s out of print, it sells for $50 to $200.

Do you have hungry clients waiting in line for your services?
Perhaps I can work with you on that. 


All my best to you on your journey.

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