Why start with why? Part 2

This is what marketing and sales and industry and commerce is all about my friends. You need to figure out WHY people want to buy something. If you figure out WHY people want something, they will appreciate that you care about their needs first, and will buy from you. (THEY might feel guilty about buying expensive shoes, so giving shoes to charity is filling their need to feel less guilty)

If you think only about your product and the profit you can make from it, they will dump you in the trash and not think about you or anything you offer again.

Simon Sinek spells this out in his best-selling book “Start with Why.” I might have titled it “Why We Should Start With Why” but I’m no expert on publishing. He says in his book that ‘why’ has to do with a brand’s higher level purpose.  A main point in his lecture is that “People don’t buy WHAT you sell. They buy WHY you sell it.”

Let’s say two computer nerds, Steve J. & Steve W.,  have set up a card table on the sidewalk. They are selling apple cassettes with their names on them for apple$25.

“IBM” is selling the finest empty PC shell on the market also for $25.

It has “2015” stamped on the shell. It is lightweight and soundproof. But they expect you to buy all the components, and they tell you it will need a new operating system each year.

So you buy the cassette because you believe in person selling and why they are selling. The tape drive is not all that useful, but you believe in the goals of Steve & Steve.

Suppose you are bored and looking for something to do. Your son offers you his “Doctor X-ray” comic book. A strange man offers you 50 grams of heroin. The heroin is the better value. Which do you take and why?

If you have a bad feeling about the salesman, you will not consider his offer no matter what they are selling. Moms have been teaching kids this long before Simon Sinek was born. The motive is evaluated first.

If all the motives are considered equal, then the offer is evaluated further. All thoughts in a person’s mind begin with “why.”

“Netflix has always been in the “entertainment-delivery” business. They refocused on their core and took steps to make it happen. Apple has always been in the “polished-and-smooth-alternative-to-the-IBM/RadioShack” route. Companies that focus on their root cause for existing thrive. Most forget their “Why” they are in business” and for this reason alone, businesses fail.

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