Branding Success Secrets

I always wondered how branding success works and sharing what I’ve learned is enjoyable.

  • Begin with “Why” you are offering what you are offering.
    People always want to know “Why” you are communicating with them so tell them your intentions up front.
  • Tell them “How” you intend to do what you have in mind for your offer.
    The how is controlled by the WHY.
  • Finally….tell them WHAT you have in mind as an offer.

Let’s pick a random topic…..housing.
– I’d like to feel useful and provide a needed product and service.
– It’s very hot or cold or wet today and people may want something to help.
– I’ve built some great shelter…..want some?

What are the advantages of this process?

You want to be useful and make a valuable product. But notice the rest of the formula is flexible.  The first line is your core principal. What follows the core principal can change according to conditions.   You might switch to another product someday.

If you base your brand on your core principals then your brand never changes!  So I’ve just described the secret to good branding.  “Apple Computers” felt the need to change their brand to “Apple” because computers were not their core.  The “Apple Way of Doing Things” was the actual brand.  “Disney” properties are managed in a “Disney way.”  Disney properties are not cartoons.

A Brand….is a frame of mind.




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