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Are Intentions Important and Why Start With Why?

              Are intentions as critical as all that? “Why” is the foundation for all exchanges of any kind. One may offer you a glass of tap water from your house. But suppose a large … Continue reading

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Book titles should never include “Step by Step”

People have suggested that “step-by-step”¬†sells better. ¬†Out of the 9,394 results for Kindle Store :“Step by Step” of Kindle books on Amazon, only five books with “Step By Step” in the title are making more than $100 a month. I … Continue reading

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Effective Business Branding Thoughts

Effective branding is critical to success. There are lots of ideas around out there about branding, what it is, what it means, and what it does. Nailing jello to the wall is easier than nailing down one definition for branding. … Continue reading

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