Seven ways to create satisfaction for customers and at home

  • Make lasting relationships where you are.
    Quality is one thing, and quantity is another.  We should attempt
    to make lasting relationships that have an impact on others.
    A short conversation can have a lasting effect, but a lasting
    relationship is more likely to change your life. Live in the moment,
    but plan for the long term.
  • Be appreciative.
    There are five languages of appreciation, and each person has a
    favorite way to be appreciated.  First notice the color of each
    person’s eyes (This works).  Then discover what style of
    appreciation is their chosen language.
  • Pursue your dreams.
    Takes steps toward a goal that helps you realize your dreams
    every day.  Success in small things breeds success in big things.
    Take small steps and reward your progress.
  • Practice what you love.
    Be happy doing things that you love and do them often, and
    do them well.   Success breeds success.
  • Share your abundance with others.
    Include others in your quest for happiness and be contagious.
    People will be pleased when you are doing what you love.
  • Avoid materialism.
    Sure we all need to stay warm and dry.  But focus on experiences
    more than multiple homes.  It’s not unusual for people to
    sell their second home when they discover that twice as much
    maintenance doesn’t bring them the happy experiences they
    had in mind.
  • Live the life you want.
    What others expect may not be the final word on how you
    should live.  Be happy in your journey toward happiness and not
    a slave to what others expect of you.



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