Should I offer a customer satisfaction guaranteed through an online store?

You can offer a return policy for a limited time, or for all time, or a refund policy with no return required either for 30 or 90days or lifetime.

The (secret) is that you get more sales with a “slippery greased slide” than without one. If you get 5% more sales, this should cover the “cost” of your return policy. But you might easily get 20% more sales with a satisfaction guarantee than without. Another thing, you might “screen” your customers better to reduce the return rate. If you explain to your customers why they SHOULD NOT be buying your product you actually gain some advantages. The “return slobs” or “sloppy buyers” will move on to you competitors. Good riddance! Plus your customers will feel more privileged and exclusive. Plus, you will be seen as more honest.

You if you ARE more honest and explaining the downside of your product, you will get fewer refunds, better quality customers, and more correct sales, and fewer “problem” customers asking for refunds.

So you don’t just offer satisfaction guarantees without also screening out sloppy buyers as well by explaining any faults in your product. – Chuck

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