What start with why? Part 3

Chuck, suppose customers are impressed with the salesperson, but the product is pretty much a commodity. Do we assume people will buy the product at a higher price based on the reputation of the company?   

The purpose of branding is exactly that. There are AMAZING ingredients for hamburgers in the grocery store. In the parking lot is a hamburger restaurant selling burgers for ten times as much. What about preparation?   My grocery store sells hot, cooked chicken with sides in the Deli, but the chain chicken store from Kentucky is still doing well. People do pay more for reputation and convenience.

An amazing product may convince the consumer that the company has their best interest at heart. If the buyer is convinced, they will buy, sight unseen. For example I once sent a check for a motor home to the seller who lives on swampland in Florida.  It had taken a fair amount of conversation before I sent him a check.

How did I convince myself to send a check in the mail?  I looked up the address
and viewed the RV on Google maps, from space!  The RV was parked alongside
his airplane hanger. I figured it’s hard to fake space photos.  (We love our RV, by the way.)

If you trust the seller, you’ll buy tap water in a bottle, using real money, from your pocket……for tap water. We are suckers for anyone we trust, and we’ll buy anything from sellers we trust have our interest at heart.  If we don’t trust them FIRST, they can’t even sell us a bar of gold.

What you are offering is critical, after “why” you are offering it has been accepted by the customer. If they think you are “Shady” or don’t have good intentions, then a wall has been erected that can’t be breached. They will not even look at what you offer if there is not trust in your intentions first.

If you are in a “bad” part of town where you do not TRUST the people around you, then you might not even look them in the face. The wall of distrust of the altruistic nature of the other party has been established.

Why start with why? No commerce can take place until after the Trust in the others intentions has been established.

In conclusion I offer these Public Service Announcements:

If some lady tries to sell you her ex-husbands Harley-Davidson on Craigslist,
please don’t send her the money first.

If somebody offers a “Rent-To-Own” house for sale,
please don’t send them the money first.

Last week a female truck driver climbs down from her cab in front of my house.
She explains that when she answered a Craigslist ad for my neighbors house
the “seller” asked her to send half the money to a remote another state
where he was selling the house from.  ‘WHY” would somebody list a house
on Craigslist for just one day?  I told her to contact the agent on the sign instead.

These are valuable, true life examples on the importance of “Why.”

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